I have been in keyboard hiatus far too long—this, meaning, no sharing of thoughts and free writing for strangers (i.e. blogging) and choosing to write traditionally (i.e. pen and paper—my trusty Moleskine).

Long were the days that I would religiously update my blog and mentally punish myself if I let a day go by without a post. I would push myself to the ends of my creativity walls in order to write something worth reading because bragging aside, I had quite a number of readers that care about what I had to say or write that I would get emails and public comments relating to my daily posts. I would get the usual “What should I wear…”, the house “You are funny, this happened to me, too”, and the inevitable “S@#%^@!, die! But let me copy this playlist”. My blog traffic, unexpectedly became bumper to bumper that I could not believe I would get invited to give a talk, be a pioneer member of a blogging community, be featured in an online magazine, sent free clothes, given free concert tickets, and all the formative perks that goes along with blogging. It was a wonderful treat. As blogging deteriorated (at least for me), so did the number of emails, which primarily consisted of “You should write again” and I choose to overlook these emails. They were not a lot, no, I was not begged to “write” by my (less than a handful) readers.

I started blogging when I was in high school and I mistakenly directed it to be an online diary. As if anyone cared about how my day went or what I ate for breakfast. Eventually, it picked up and there I was and here I am. The “I” being my thoughts.

The reason of my sudden change of heart about writing is because I got preoccupied. Okay, aside from work, love happened—I did not feel the need to overcompensate.

Now, I am back because I missed it. No pressure this time. No one knows about this again. Why, hello, Dear Diary.